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Update: iCloud Photos are here!

Check out the beta iCloud on the web and you’ll see a new app, the fabled, most-awaited iCloud Photos!



Yosemite shipped. iOS 8 shipped. iOS 8.1 shipped. iCloud Drive shipped. The new pricing shipped.

Where the heck is the new Photos app? *

iCloud photo management is a drag with iPhoto. Come on Apple, deliver, already!

* The page says the beta is in October


Pedalboard.js ile Tarayıcınızda Gitar Efektleri

Geçen yıl GDG Istanbul'un düzenlediği DevFest Istanbul’13 konferansında yaptığım sunumu izleyebilirsiniz. Açıkçası, bu sunumun internete yüklendiğinden haberim yoktu, görünce çok şaşırdığımı söylemeliyim. Sunumu da buradan görebilirsiniz.


The watch.

I’m not exactly into watches, but this is a masterpiece of art, a masterpiece of perfection.

I don’t expect every watch to look as beautiful as this, but some should be ashamed of their ugly work.


GarageBand updated with OS X Yosemite and has a cool new logo

Here’s the cool new logo for the new GarageBand. What’s changed? There’s an amp behind the guitar!

Because GarageBand introduced bass amp designer, much like the guitar amp designer introduced in the last version.

Here’s the looks:

Now together with the new sound processing engine (from the last version) GarageBand is one step closer to the easy-to-use sound editor, tracker and producer. It still doesn’t sound as well as Revalver 4, but it’s pretty close and good enough up until the point you would care about finding the perfect tone.


Apple Ekim etkinliğini canlı işleyeceğim

Yarın akşam saat 8’de Apple’ın yeni iPad’leri, yeni OSX’i ve iCloud’u (ve dahi yeni bir iki bilgisayarı daha) tanıtacağı etkinliği, daha önceki gibi, canlı olarak'da anlatacağım. Tam link için bekleyiniz :)

Bu arada Apple’ın teknik aksaklıklar sebebiyle beceremediği iPhone 6 sunumunun detaylarına şuradan ulaşabilirsiniz.


The new iCloud pricing scheme is here!

iCloud has been bugging me for a week to update my storage and the last time I checked, old, high prices were in action. After a few of these mails, and a day before tomorrow’s event, I finally went to see the options again and here they are, the new, lower prices!

Now the only other thing that I need is the new Photos app to (finally) store all my photos in iCloud.

Anonymous asked:
What is your favorite color?

Hard to tell and it changes from time to time. But the most prominent is red I guess :)


Scaling Node.js applications with Redis, RabbitMQ and cote.js

The presentation for my talk today @ jsist

And here are the examples on github.