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Pain for developers with MacBook Air; iOS simulator lets you zoom out to 50% and you have to scroll 25% off-screen for iPhone 6 Plus simulation. Xcode definitely needs more zoom out options.
Pain for developers with MacBook Air; iOS simulator lets you zoom out to 50% and you have to scroll 25% off-screen for iPhone 6 Plus simulation. Xcode definitely needs more zoom out options.

Pain for developers with MacBook Air; iOS simulator lets you zoom out to 50% and you have to scroll 25% off-screen for iPhone 6 Plus simulation. Xcode definitely needs more zoom out options.


What’s wrong with Apple Watch

Yesterday was very disturbing. I’ll delve into details later this week, but I have to pop this out first.

Take a look at this. I won’t talk about how ugly this is, I’ll just say that this is ugly because it looks like a low-taste Android watch.

Its background is black; Apple says they invented a new typeface for this (apparent in the Apple Watch logo too) for improved legibility. This is the same reason why Google introduced a redesign for Roboto, their font for mobile. It’s more legible. That we get. But it’s ugly. Do you get it?

Roboto is ugly; on black, it’s uglier.

Apple just turned up with a watch with black background and an ugly font that feels like Roboto. That’s why we hate the Android watches, and that’s why this Apple Watch is disturbing and unapple-y.


iOS 8 Safari update: minimal-ui disappears

Another new major release, another feature removal on Mobile Safari. This one is pretty disturbing though. With iOS 7.1, Apple had added the minimal-ui viewport property, which let developers hide as much Safari Chrome as possible; effectively to the size when you scrolled them out of view.

Now of course, this gave developers a lot of screen real estate. And here today Apple releases iOS 8 GM version, which is the same as the final version to be released next week; and they remove minimal-ui.

It’s hard to understand why they remove such a nice feature for web apps this soon, when they just released it a few months earlier.


Every moment we experience leaves a permanent imprint on our brains. Shaping how we perceive things and people in the future. It’s called implicit memory and it’s constantly reminding us to be careful. Who can we trust? When are we safe? And what are we capable of?

Of course, there are benefits to a cautious approach to life. Helps us to avoid the things that make us unhappy or sick. Or put us in danger. But there’s one danger that our implicit memory can’t help us with. And that’s the danger that our biases can prevent us from seeing things as they really are.

– Perception, S03E10

Early to bed and early to rise, makes a dev happy, healthy and wise.

Google’s exact search is broken. It will parse “(?:button)input)$” however it wishes, and incorporate meaningless results.

I don’t know for how long this was the case but it’s quite useless.

Is the real art of living to overcome our wounds, make the best of our limitations and embrace our gifts?
- Perception – S03E03
But how could we trust our own belief systems when our brains are giving them emotional kickbacks? By balancing it all with critical thinking, by questioning everything and by always, always being open to the possibilities.
- Perception – S02E13

WWDC ‘14 Keynote – Swift and iOS Development


The keynote is just over. I was so overwhelmed by the new gems in OS X Yosemite, the new developer APIs and services just took my breath away.

The biggest take-away was Swift, a new language Apple put in place of Objective-C which was the de facto standard of native applications up until now.

A few months ago I predicted that Apple would quit Objective-C this year. It was so obvious, in 2014, using a language and idioms from 30 years ago. But I thought the shift would be towards JavaScript, which is the de facto standard of the web.

Why JavaScript? Because it’s an awesome dynamic language with all the features developers hailed for today in Swift (for years, at that).

Why JavaScript? Because Apple has most of Cocoa Touch already in JavaScript since 2008; lastly with iAd Producer.

Why JavaScript? Because a single code-base for all your needs.

Why JavaScript? Because Apple just announced a new JavaScript processing engine for WebKit, which nearly brings JavaScript up to native speed.

All the stones were in place for this year for a switch over to JavaScript and I’m very disheartened by it not happening. Now there’s a new cool IDE for Swift and the engineering team has all the iOS APIs in place for Swift with all the documentation. What a great engineering effort. By now, Apple has the same APIs in Objective-C, JavaScript and Swift. :)

Yet again, I’m enlightened to finally see Objective-C fade away. I hope that Swift will be a great welcome after all these years of Objective-C. I’ve already begun thinking on a transpiler from Swift to JavaScript and vice versa :)

Update: Here’s the link to the extensive book about Swift. It looks so much like a mishmash of Go and ES6, I only wish the effort was spent on the latter.


Chris Leon demonstrates a very nice video where he plays his own implementation of a delay pedal with pedalboard.js, the first and best open source library for developing guitar pedals with HTML5 Web Audio.

Thanks to Chris for his great work!


If Flipboard is Edison, Zite is Tesla.

Today I read that Zite is being acquired by Flipboard.

For the past two years, Zite has been an integral part of my life as I use it at least for half an hour every single day. It’s been a great resource of, well, resources for development. I’ve even been featured once with pedalboard.js.

But all good things must come to an end, I guess. I am a big Zite fan, I even built a web-based interface for Zite to read while I’m not on mobile.

I can’t believe how people think Zite is like Flipboard; it’s far more superior in every aspect. If Flipboard is Edison, Zite is Tesla. Yeah, I liked that analogy.

I’m really worried for the acquisition, as I know nothing good ever comes out of one. I’m glad that, apparently, Mike Klaas is joining Flipboard, but hey; I really dislike Flipboard. It’s a piece of crap compared to Zite, and I find it shameful for such a great product (Zite) being acquired by a such a pompous product (Flipboard). But that’s how marketing goes, I guess.

I will use Zite for the rest of its lifetime, and hope to find all its greatest features in Flipboard. Maybe then I can like it.


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